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If you have a website that sells equipment golfers, then you need to offer the newest gadget to them! As
an affiliate of the EZ-Tee, you will be compensated for promoting the best new golf aid on the market.  
Join now and start earning
$10.00 per sale. Why wait? Our program is easy to join and easy to set-up:

•  IMMEDIATE PROFITS: It takes little time to sign up and start earning commissions right away.
Earn $10.00 on every EZ-Tee sale generated from your site! You generate
the orders and take the payments and we do the rest.  

How does it Work?

It is very simple to become an affiliate.  You add our product to the existing products on your site, take the
orders and payments.  The order is then e-mailed to us and we ship the product. You keep the
commission and send us the balance via PayPal, It is that easy.  Each sale is rewarded with a $10.00
To become an affiliate, e-mail with the subject “become an affiliate” and information
about your site.  Our representative will get back to you with the more information and details regarding
product images, pricing, and commission.  If you have any questions regarding our policies please feel
free to e-mail us.  We are here to help and customer service is our number one concern.
(NOTE: only golf and sports related sites will be allowed.  If your site is not sports or golf related, but you feel that your customers
would buy the EZ-Tee, then by all means e-mail and we will review your site on an individual basis)


  • Affiliates who sign up for the program cannot change the price of the EZ-Tee to a higher price for profit.  Our customers
    deserve the best price.  Affiliates are allowed to offer sales, discounts, or promotions, but these promotional prices will effect
    the commission of the product, not the manufacturer price; unless previously cleared by the EZ-Tee sales manager.  

  • All affiliate  transactions are done via PayPal.  The affiliate is responsible for taking the orders and payments from all
    customers.  The affiliate will then forward the address of the customer by e-mail to  The balance of the
    payment (minus the $10.00 commission fee) is sent via PayPal to

  • $10.00 commission is subject to change. We are in the process of streamlining our manufacturing process.  This will lower
    our price to be more affordable for our customers.  At that time commissions will also be lowered.  When agreeing to sell our
    product, you agree to accept this adjustment when the time comes.  

Thank you for your interest in our product and we hope to have a long and successful business
relationship with all our affiliates.  Good luck.
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